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About us

Vikomar is a modern fish processing company specialized in producing, freezing and distributing pelagic fish. Our factory is located close to the rich fishing grounds of the Northeast Atlantic.

We take pride in preserving the best fish from these waters into quality food products, for distribution to customers worldwide. Vikomar receives yearly more than 45 000 tons of fish. Our main products are filleted and round frozen Mackerel and Herring, and Herring roe.

We make our living from processing fish from healthy and viable fish stocks. Our business is certified by MSC-CoC and we emphasize in making use of all raw materials. By-products goes to production of feed for the Norwegian salmon production.

Vikomar and our products are the sum of our facilities, our location and our people. We, the Vikomar people, are a well-trained and stable group with years of experience. The safety and well-being of our colleagues, and the dedication to produce the best possible pelagic products, are the main priorities of Vikomar.